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Michigan House elects Joe Tate as Speaker

Rep. Joe Tate
Michigan House Democrats
Courtesy Photo
Rep. Joe Tate

Joe Tate of Detroit becomes the first Black man in state history to become Speaker.

The Michigan House of Representatives made history Wednesday. Members elected Democrat Joe Tate of Detroit as Speaker. He becomes the first Black man in state history to have the honor. In a speech shortly after the vote Tate says one of his jobs is to counter lies with fact.

“It is our duty to be truth tellers. Misinformation and falsehoods can be the undoing of our institutions and our reliable systems of government”

Typically votes for Speaker are unanimous. But in a break from tradition eight Republicans voted against Tate. In the past, those that refused to support a speaker would receive less-desirable committee assignments, though, it’s unclear if that will be the case this time around.

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