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Federal agencies are following through on PFAS promises so far

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A year ago Tuesday, the EPA announced its “PFAS Strategic Roadmap.” The roadmap set goals to address PFAS at the federal level. So far, most of the agencies involved have held up their promises, but there’s still more work ahead.

In a report by the Environmental Working Group, 86 percent of promised actions are either complete or expected to be complete by their deadlines.

Since the roadmap was announced, the EPA has made more moves to address PFAS than ever before.

We’re closer to seeing national drinking water standards, two compounds being listed as hazardous substances, and a mandated clean-up schedule from the Department of Defense.

John Reeder is the vice president of federal affairs with the Environmental Working Group. He says many of the actions are overdue, but until recently, there were virtually no measures to control PFAS.

“No accountability for the polluters responsible for creating one of the world's most significant environmental contamination challenges, but thanks to the Biden administration, that's all changing.”

Reeder says the FDA and USDA have done little to address PFAS in consumer products, sewage sludge, and agriculture.

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