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House OK’s ‘Emotional Support Animal Act’

Emotional Support Dog
Pfc. Katelyn D Strange
Wikimedia Commons
Emotional Support Dog

Michigan lawmakers are trying to clarify and formalize the process of getting an emotional support animal

Supporters argue passing the proposed ‘Emotional Support Animal Act’ would make sure only those who need a support animal would receive a certification.

Democratic state Representative Sara Cambensy says the current system needs more supervision:

“Do to a lack of oversight in how these certificates are handed out, we’ve come to having a process of dial a doctors, most not even residing in the state of Michigan who are handing these certificates out to our residents.”

The bill would require a certifying medical professional to have an existing relationship with a patient. It would also ban providers from receiving money just for declaring a patient needs an animal.

Opponents worry the bill would make it harder for people who need emotional support animals to get one.

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