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$105M grant would help decommission highway, restore Detroit neighborhoods

Downtown Detroit I-375
Wikimedia Commons
Creative Commons 3.0 license
Downtown Detroit I-375

A nearly 105 million dollar federal grant will help pay for decommissioning a federal highway and help restore two historically black neighborhoods in Detroit

A lot of asphalt across the country rests on top of graveyards of businesses, family life and opportunities to build generational wealth lost to the construction of interstate highways.

I-375 in Detroit is one of them. US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says this is a chance to help right a wrong.

“The purpose of transportation is to connect. But we have seen examples in many communities, including here, where an infrastructure decision serves to divide.”

The highway built in the 1950s cut through two predominantly Black neighborhoods. The plan is to raise the sunken streets and create boulevards lined with housing and businesses.

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