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Delayed Artemis features a bit of Michigan onboard

Artemis I Prelaunch (cropped from original)
(NASA/Bill Ingalls)
Flickr/License 2.0 Generic
Artemis I Prelaunch (cropped from original)

A piece of Michigan rests onboard the twice-delayed Artemis 1 moon mission

A faulty sensor and fuel leak scrubbed the rocket’s first launch times, and it likely won’t lift-off for another few weeks, at least.

When it does, Michigan State University Professor Frederica Brandizzi says the mission includes super-charged seeds she helped develop, seeds that may retain nutrients often lost on a space mission.

“Plants will have a reduction in resources for growing. And so we will learn how plants can cope with space flight.”

NASA wants to find a sustainable food source for astronauts.

Within a few years the agency plans to have the Orion spacecraft atop the rocket link-up with a Starship lunar lander built by the private Space-X company and return humans to the surface of the moon.

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