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Michigan State Police share video of daring rescue caught on tape

GPDII via Wikimedia | Public Domain image

Dash-cam video shows civilians helping overturn SUV on fire with woman inside

Michigan State Police Friday released dramatic dashboard camera footage of two civilians pulling an elderly woman out an overturned SUV on fire.

The video shows two civilians, a Muskegon County Sheriff, and a Michigan State Police Trooper all coming to the rescue of a 73-year-old female driver.

Authorities, say the woman had suffered what is being described as “a medical event” when she lost control of her vehicle. Police reports indicate the driver crossed over into oncoming traffic, drove into a ditch and then flipped the SUV before it ignited.

With the car in flames, and potentially exploding at any moment, the state trooper begins to try and break the windshield to reach the woman, when that doesn’t work, law enforcement officers and the two civilians are able to flip the vehicle onto its tries before pulling the woman to safety.

First responders five minutes later arrive and take the woman to the hospital. She is expected to survive.

Michigan State Police Friday called the efforts “heroic.”

You can view the video by using this link.