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CRA adjust tincture definitions, ups maximum THC in edibles

Marijuana photo
Pixabay | CC BY 2.0

The Michigan “Cannabis Regulatory Agency” is doubling the maximum amount of T-H-C allowed in adult-use edible product packages.

The move brings recreational products more in line with medical ones.

Robin Schneider is executive director of the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association. She says that’s important since a lot of dispensaries are no longer renewing their medical licenses.

"And this will allow those patients to maintain the access to the same products that they were using—medical products if they go into a store and that store doesn’t have a medical marijuana license."

The state’s new rules do not raise the total amount of T-H-C allowed per serving.

The new policies also set guidance for cannabis containing tinctures and oil-based drops that previously fell in a regulatory gray area.

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