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Muskegon Heights holding traffic stop training for young drivers

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Goal is to ensure safe outcomes for everyone involved. 

In an effort to decrease the number of police involved traffic stops that end in violence, the Muskegon Heights Police Department is hosting an event to train young drivers how they should conduct themselves when they're pulled over.

According to the City of Muskegon Heights, many people, especially young drivers of color, don’t trust the police when they get pulled over, and become nervous or panic during traffic stops.

City Manager Troy who is both African American and a former police officer says that despite being a cop, he has been pulled over an estimated 20 times.

“I was able to absorb their behavior and their reaction, not knowing that I was a police officer. So, it is a real concern in the community, because not every police officer regards the people they stop with an equal footing.”

Bell says as a way of building relationships and bridges between the community and law enforcement, the city of Muskegon Heights is offering training for young drivers of what to expect when they are pulled over by police, as well as de-escalation training for its police officers.

“It is a brilliant idea to help members of the community understand the how, why and what of traffic stops,” Bell said. “To help drivers know what their rights are, and what rights you do not have,” he said.

The goal he says, is to ensure safe outcomes for both police officer and driver every time a traffic stop occurs. The traffic stop training in Muskegon Heights will be held on August 13th at Rowan Park.

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