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Grand Rapids City Commissioners meeting adjourns early following disruptions during public comment period

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Commissioner Jon O’Connor leaves meeting, hurls swear words during exit

Activists angry over police and community relations once again forced the Grand Rapids City Commissioners meeting to shut down Tuesday, as protestors caused one elected official to walk-out.

A number of people packed City Hall Tuesday evening once again, as activists showed up to voice their disapproval of police and community relations, specifically, the shooting death of Patrick Lyoya, who died after a Grand Rapids Police Officer shot him in the back of the head following a traffic stop.

The disruptions Tuesday were enough for City Commissioner Jon O’Connor to use swear words as he walked out of the room in frustration, while Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss shut the meeting down early after failing to maintain control.

“You are disrupting this meeting, and you need to leave,” Bliss told one protestor. “Commissioners, we are adjourning.”

Since the shooting death of Patrick Lyoya on April 4th, a number of Grand Rapids City Commissioners meetings shut down early due to protests inside City Hall.

Former police officer Christopher Schurr is facing second degree murder charges, he is due back in court in August when the trial is set to begin.

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