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Muskegon Republican Party pulls support for US Rep. Peter Meijer in response to congressman's gun-reform vote

U.S. Rep. Peter Meijer portrait
U.S. House of Representatives

Building Safer Communities Act a violation of 2nd Amendment, says GOP

With a Republican primary coming up in August, The Muskegon County Republican Executive Committee announced Thursday no longer supports United States Congressman Peter Meijer, nor his bid to be re-elected in the 3rd Congressional District.

In a statement, officials from the Muskegon Republican Party said, “The Muskegon County Republican Executive Committee will uphold the Constitution, conservative values that the Republican Party Platform is based on and those candidates and elected representatives that also adhere to the aforementioned,”

Muskegon Republicans say Rep. Peter Meijer lost their support, after the first term Republican voted to impeach President Donald Trump, as well as voting in support of the Safer Communities Act—a violation they say, of the 2nd Amendment.

Meijer told WGVU however, his support of the 2nd Amendment is without question.

“Let me just say, I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment,” he said.

A number of Republicans are critical of the Safer Communities Act because it would penalize "straw purchasing", require additional background checks on people under 21 attempting to buy a gun and would monitor whether firearms dealers are adhering to federal laws.

Meanwhile, the Muskegon Republicans say they are now supporting challenger John Gibbs in the upcoming Republican Primary in August.

Gibbs has received support from President Donald Trump in the past.

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