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“Reaching New Muskegon Heights” plans to transform the city’s downtown corridor

Muskegon Heights
Muskegon Heights

Vision for the future includes a restored Strand Theater and reimagined Broadway Avenue.

In an effort to transform the identity of the city, officials from Muskegon Heights have announced a comprehensive plan to overhaul the downtown corridor.

The plan is called "Reaching New Muskegon Heights," and it comes after nearly two years of asking residents-- what they would like the city’s main strip to look like in the future, and what would bring them to downtown to eat and shop.

Currently Broadway Avenue, which lies at the center of the city’s downtown corridor, is filled with abandoned buildings, boarded up windows, and the Strand Theater—which has sat empty for over 30 years.

Officials, say, the Reaching New Muskegon Heights plan would like to change all that, and envisions a revitalized and thriving downtown corridor with storefronts and restaurants, a fully renovated Strand Theater, a completely reconfigured Rowan Park, and the construction of 35 new homes.

Troy Bell is Muskegon Heights City Manager. He says its time to change the perception of the city as being a high crime, dangerous area on the Lakeshore.

“And I believe that perception can only be addressed by articulating a new vision,” Bell said. “That until we paint a picture of what could be, that many people refuse to imagine ‘more’ than what we have. And that is where the Reaching New Muskegon Heights Vision Plan is an effort to address that.”

The plan, however, is still---just an idea. To make it a reality, requires capital as city officials are now moving on to raising funds for the renovations.

View the plan here. https://www.reachingnewmuskegonheights.org/

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