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House bill would make rejecting discriminatory language easier

Language that bars Black, Jewish or female property owners can still be found in many deeds across Michigan and the country. But a bill is advancing in the state to make it easier for residents to formally reject that discriminatory language.

Because of the federal Fair Housing Act, provisions that exclude people from housing on the basis of race, sex or religion are no longer enforceable. Yet, such language, however nonbinding, is still being passed on in housing deeds and neighborhood covenants.

That’s why state Representative Sarah Anthony of Lansing introduced a House bill. It creates a process, so that property owners can submit a form to have discriminatory language struck from a revised version of their deed.

“Upholding a legacy of discrimination and hatred in many of our neighborhoods was just something that homeowners across the region just didn't want to accept.

The proposal now heads to the Senate after being passed by Michigan’s House this week (Wednesday 6/15).

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