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Senate Health Policy and Human Services Children’s Services Committee hears testimony on foster care bills

Adoption Papers
Wikimedia Commons
Adoption Papers

A package to revamp Michigan’s adoption and foster care system received a hearing before a state Senate committee.

A Michigan Senate committee considered a bill package aimed at strengthening the state’s foster care and adoption system Wednesday.

Democratic Representative Sarah Anthony says changes like letting certain treatment programs bypass the local zoning process would help increase housing options for foster youth.

“We’re not talking about just a run-of-the-mill home and having 6, 9, 12 kids there. We would have professionals 24 hours a day.”

But Republican Senator Ruth Johnson says she’s worried about housing too many kids together.

“I’m just not sure why we need a bill that would pack in more kids into a foster home that need more attention and why we would strip away local control.”

Other legislation includes prioritizing child placement with extended family and friends.

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