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Gas prices jump again with $5 a gallon now on the horizon

Stations across West Michigan rise to $4.79 per gallon for regular unleaded gasoline

After a record breaking Memorial Day weekend, gas prices Wednesday climbed even higher once again.

According to the American Automobile Association, (AAA) prices at the pump rose to $4.60, over the holiday weekend, which broke the fuel cost record set back in 2008.

And on Wednesday, a number of stations across West Michigan jumped to $4.79 a gallon—with predictions that $5 a gallon is just around the corner.

Adrienne Woodland is the auto club group’s public relations spokesperson. She says, relief isn’t coming anytime soon, nor is it deterring drivers from summer vacation plans.

“You know despite these record high gas prices, we are coming out a 2-year-pandemic, and Michigan residents are eager to travel again, and it doesn’t really seem like these record gas prices or other inflationary pressures will stop them.”

Despite the rise to $4.79 at some stations, AAA reports as of Wednesday afternoon, the average price of gas at $4.71, however, that is up by 14 cents from last week and $1.68 higher than a year ago.

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