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Opioid Liability Litigation Act passes Michigan Senate


Opioid Liability Litigation Act passes Michigan Senate

The Michigan Senate passed legislation today that would create the framework for how to spend the state's share of a 26-billion-dollar opioid settlement.

The bill package would create the “Opioid Healing and Recovery Fund” to hold Michigan's 776-million-dollars in settlement money.

A new “Opioid Advisory Commission” would recommend which treatment and abuse prevention efforts to spend it on.

Republican Senator Mark Huizenga says he hopes to see the money allocated quickly.

“We all know that the crisis has been ongoing for quite some time now. Knowing that there are dollars that can go to help these people is important. But creating a body to ensure that the dollars are spent intentionally will have a good resolution.”

The state expects the money to begin flowing in between late spring and summer.