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Teen who killed four at Oxford High School will be tried as an adult

Ethan Crumbley killed four students at Oxford High School Tuesday.

15-year-old charged with murder, terrorism after shooting left four dead.

The Oakland County prosecutor is charging a 15-year-old who allegedly shot and killed four classmates at a high school Tuesday with first degree murder. Prosecutors said they will try the teenager as an adult.

Officials allege that Oxford High School Sophomore Ethan Crumbley took a gun bought by his father only days ago and shot to death four students at his school.

He also injured seven others and now faces charges including one count of terrorism causing death and four counts of first-degree murder.

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald says Crumbley planned the shooting well in advance.

“There are facts leading up in this shooting that suggest this was not just an impulsive act.”

McDonald said Crumbley’s parents may face charges because they allegedly allowed him access to the weapon she contends he used in the shooting.

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard says the 15-year-old accused shooter – and his parents - met with school officials before the attack.

“We have since learned that the schools did have contact with the student the day before and the day of the shooting for behavior in the classroom that they felt was concerning”

The Sheriff said the school has cooperated fully with the investigation… but the teen and his parents are not.

Bouchard said a viral TikTok video that was alleged to show the shooter at the door of a classroom causing students to flee was actually a sheriff’s deputy at the door. Bouchard cautioned against spreading rumors and misinformation on social media.

Oakland County Under Sheriff Mike McCabe also noted
“Be aware if you see something say something if you're in any other school or this school that is our best preventive method is to share information so that we can send somebody out even if it sounds implausible.”

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