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Senate adopts voting restrictions; Whitmer says she’d veto

Voting booths photo
Voting booths

The Republican-controlled state Senate adopted bills today to add a photo ID requirement and other restrictions to voting laws.

Democrats complained Republicans are trying to change the rules after losing the presidential election.

Republican Senator Ed McBroom, who led an inquiry that upheld the result of the 2020 race, said that doesn’t mean there’s NO room for improvement.

“You think the laws are all great right now? You don’t believe in reform? Maybe you’re against the speed limits.”

”You don’t need to imagine it. I’m telling you right now, those bills come to my desk, they will get vetoed.”

Governor Gretchen Whitmer said Michigan’s elections are already fair. What’s not fair, she said, is trying to cast doubt on the results.

There is also a petition campaign brewing to enact many of the same restrictions without the threat of a veto.