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One day after protest, new poll suggests Michigan residents support regulating private marijuana farmers

A new statewide poll found that the majority of Michigan residents think that marijuana production needs to be more regulated, as lawmakers in Lansing are considering bills that would reduce the number of plants that private farmers could grow.

However, some medical marijuana caregivers are crying foul.

The statewide poll, commissioned by the Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association found that residents by and large want all cannabis, whether medical or recreational, to be subject to the same regulations, like testing, tracking, licensing and safety…. with 82% in support of requiring Unlicensed Marijuana Growers (UMGs) to have their product tested for harmful substances using the same standards as current licensed growers and processors.

Shelly Edgerton serves as the Association Board Chair.

“This first-of-its-kind, bipartisan poll makes it clear Michiganders of all political stripes believe patients and adult-use consumers should have access to safe, tested cannabis products,” said Shelly Edgerton, Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association Board Chair.

The timing of the poll however, is pretty curious—it comes one day after medical marijuana caregivers protested on the steps of the Capitol building in Lansing.

The say that the Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association (MCMA), is nothing more than a lobby group for some of the largest cannabis companies in Michigan and are reportedly behind the effort to squeeze out the little guy and dominate the marijuana market in the state.

Meanwhile lawmakers are considering a package of bills that would curb the amount of marijuana that private medical marijuana caregivers could grow-- from 60 to 10 and a 75 percent reduction in patient plant allowances (from 12 to three).