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Multiple cases of dog neglect found in Van Buren County, USDA reports

Dog laying down
"Couch Potato" by Fake Plastic Alice is licensed under CC BY 2.0
A USDA inspector found multiple instances of dog neglect during a routine visit to a Van Buren County residence.

During a routine inspection on July 16, a US Department of Agriculture agent reported dozens of dogs in unfit living conditions at a residence in Bloomingdale.

The report released Thursday, details unlawful housing, enclosures, watering and sanitization procedures by licensee, Jacob Lambright.

13 adult Collies, four juvenile Collies, one Rottweiler, two Labrador Retrievers and 8 Shelties were in outdoor enclosures with one, single shelter. The shelter not have weather-proof breaks at the entrances.

The report marked four outdoor enclosures housing 13 adult collies, stating "Outdoor facilities for dogs must include one or more shelter structures that are accessible to each animal in each outdoor facility, and that are large enough to allow each animal in the shelter structure to sit, stand, and lie in a normal manner, and to turn about freely."

The owner had two dogs tethered inside an enclosure, one with a "heavy chain" tied to two logs. The report states that tethering is not allowed for use as primary enclosure, adding it can lead to injury or strangulation of animals and possibly death.

Three dogs were found in an enclosure with no water. When the inspector instructed the owner to fill the water bowl, the dogs drank for 45 to 60 seconds without stopping.

"Excessive feces" in animal living spaces were also reported.

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has sent a letter, urging Van Buren County Prosecuting Attorney, Susan Zuiderveen, to file cruelty-to-animals charges against individuals responsible for the conditions.