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Millions Expected To Travel This Memorial Day Weekend

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Millions will be traveling over this Memorial Day Holiday weekend.  So be prepared to share the travel zone.  The numbers are up substantially from last year.  Plus, there’s a reminder about some COVID restrictions that are “still” in place.

“It will be an extremely busy Memorial Day weekend. Beginning Thursday, through Monday, which is considered the Memorial Day travel weekend, estimates are that 37-million people will be traveling somewhere.”

Jo Anne Verboom heads up Gagnon Travel in Cascade.  She says many of those traveling will be hitting the roads… but compared to last Memorial Day, many will also be flying.

“People are also getting on planes, much more often.  That is a 577 percent increase in airline passengers from last Memorial Day.”

Verboom says with so many people prepping for travel, they should still be aware of travel restrictions that may remain in place, despite the removal of so many COVID-19 restrictions that had been in place.  She says even if you’re vaccinated, some of the rules have not changed and travelers should be aware.

“The TSA has extended the mask requirement, at least until September 13th.  So even though the CDC has said vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask, the TSA says if you’re going to be on a plane or train, even if you are vaccinated, you’re going to be expected to wear a mask.”

Whether traveling by plane or by car, you should allow yourself plenty of time considering the increase in travel numbers.  You may want to arrive at the airport early, allowing time to get through security and if driving, AAA says you may encounter the longest travel delays during the afternoon to early evening hours today and tomorrow.