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It's National Salvation Army Week And They Need Your Help

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National Salvation Army Week is officially here and runs through Sunday. This week is set aside to remind the country of the comprehensive nature of the services The Salvation Army provides to every United States zip code. And here in Kent County, they’re asking for your help for those teetering on what they’re calling, “pandemic poverty”.

“A number of families have been faced with job and income loss as a result of the pandemic, so they are finding themselves unable to pay bills and keep food on the table.”

Major Glen Caddy is the Divisional Commander for the Salvation Army of Kent County.  He says during National Salvation Army Week, they’re hoping to call attention to the devastation caused by the pandemic and the need that exists in West Michigan.

“The scope of services we provide is really amazing. We have emergency food assistance, housing resources.”

National Salvation Army Week was first declared by President Dwight Eisenhower in 1954. Major Caddy says they appreciate the recognition given during this week and acknowledges all who are working within their ranks.

“Our staff, our officers and our volunteers who come alongside of us and they’ve come alongside of us in a tremendous way during  the pandemic response. But we also know we couldn’t do what we do without those who provide financial assistance to us.”

The Salvation Army of Kent County has continued to serve year-round since first being organized in 1883 and in 2020 alone, provided critical services to nearly 30,000 individuals.

And now, in the midst of the pandemic, Major Caddy says with so many in need of the critical services they offer, they’re hoping those who can afford to help, will.

“The Salvation Army nationally as well as us here in Kent County are encouraging people to sign up for a recurring 25 dollars a month donation. That 25 dollars really makes a difference in helping some of these vulnerable families.”

Major Caddy adds any amount is appreciated.  For more information about the services offered by the Salvation Army or to make a donation, you can go to SAKENTCOUNTY.org.