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Angry senators debate gun rights


Gun rights were the center of a passionate state Senate debate today. The issue was a resolution opposing efforts at the federal or state levels to impose new firearm restrictions.

The resolution was adopted on a party-line vote. It won’t change laws or policies, but still sparked angry exchanges.

   “How dare you?”

   Senator Erika Geiss is a Democrat from Taylor. She called the resolution an insult with the memory still fresh of armed protestors crowding the Senate gallery last year.

“More than 15 thousand Michiganders are dead from COVID-19, but you want to talk about guns.”

Senator Lana Theis said the resolution simply supports gun rights.

“We’re going to call this ‘insurrection’ to uphold that?”

   The Republican from Brighton said the measure also sends a message about personal liberties that have been eroded over the past year during the COVID-19 crisis.


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