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Amazon workers rally in Grand Rapids--Union, better working conditions, part of their demands


Supporters of Amazon workers organizing to form a union are gathering for a rally Friday afternoon at Local 26 headquarters in Grand Rapids. According to a release, the gathering is part of a national day of action by Amazon workers, where events like the one in Grand Rapids Friday are being planned across the country at company owned facilities.

Workers say that harsh working conditions at Amazon warehouses, along with Amazon's refusal to adopt measures that protect workers from COVID 19, have pushed Amazon and Whole Foods employees to form a Union, says Union Spokesperson Tom Burke. 

“Workers in Michigan are being offered jobs at the new Amazon, 1000 outside of Grand Rapids here, and they are starting at $30,000 a year," Burke said. "And I don’t think there are many Americans who think they could live the ‘good life’ on $30,000 a year. So I think that is first and foremost on people’s minds.”

Amazon has stated that it is not in support of its workers forming a union.