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Muskegon County seeks additional $5 million for new 'Dune Harbor Park'


Officials are asking the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund for an additional $5 million grant to expand the future Dune Habor Park in Norton Shores. Muskegon County had already secured the first $5 million to purchase 214 acres of the Nugent Sand Mining. What comes with that property is two untouched inland lakes surrounded by acres of wooded sand dunes, natural wildlife, and a feeling that one is seeing Michigan in its “purest form” that is, there are no developments or housing on either lake.

And officials aim to keep it that way, as the County plans to covert the property into recreational space, for swimming, hiking and kayaking, while preserving the natural habitat of the property, while the lakes would be quiet—meaning, no motorized boats.

The first five million went to the south part of the property, and the 2nd 5 million would purchase the rest.

County officials split on the decision last week by a vote of 6-2. One of the “no” votes came from commissioner Zach Lahring, who argued the county should instead use the property for “high end residential development.”

Officials say the first grant still has to be approved by the State, which should come in May or June, and Dune Harbor Park could be open to the public by the end of fall.