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Muskegon Democrats call for Republican Chair Zach Lahring's resignation over Capitol riot

Muskegon County


Muskegon County Democrats are calling for the immediate resignation of County Commissioner Zach Lahring,  for perpetuating the narrative of a rigged Presidential election, as well as his stance on the January 6th capitol riot. Lahring is the chair of the Muskegon County Republican Party as well as a county commissioner, who campaigned last year under the slogan “Make Muskegon Great Again.” And Democrats in Muskegon say, he has to go.

The organization posted on social media that Lahring and other area Republicans had promoted "a CONSPIRACY to claim the presidential election of JOE BIDEN and KAMALA HARRIS was fraudulently conducted, indeed, “STOLEN,” a demonstrably false charge designed to inflame the passions of the lawless mob.” And because of that, Lahring needs to resign from public office, immediately.

“My response to that is Democrats are irrelevant,” Lahring said. “I don’t care what they say.”

Lahring, who told WGVU in January that the people responsible for the Capitol riots on the 6th were not Trump supporters, but members of Antifa dressed up as Trump supporters, still supported that theory when asked again on Thursday, after the United States Senate played videos of the insurection at President Donald Trump's impeachment trial. 

“Do you still stand by your comments that it was Antifa inside the capitol building?” he was asked. 

“Well and some of the other activists groups, we knew they were going to be there that they are going to be there ahead of time, there was all kinds of intel that said they were going to be there, they were absolutely behind it,” Lahring said.

Meanwhile Lahring said he has no intention of resigning. His comments come on the heels of Michigan Senate Majority Leader and Republican Mike Shirkey, who said Wednesday he would not take back his comments after calling the Capitol riot a “hoax.”

Last month, the FBI said there is no indication that Antifa played a role in the mob that stormed the Capitol.