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Ottawa County says amount of allotted vaccine isn't enough

COVID-19 vaccine photo
Courtesy cidrap.umn.edu

While the number of people that have been vaccinated in Michigan has reached a benchmark number, Ottawa County Health officials say they are still far from where they would like to be.

While the State of Michigan on Tuesday announced it had reached a milestone: that more people have been at least partially vaccinated against COVID-19 than the number of diagnosed cases since last March across the state, health officials at the Ottawa vaccine clinic in Holland say, not so much for them.

The Ottawa County Public Health Department says its growing increasingly frustrated at the lack of vaccine they are being given by the state of Michigan, despite requesting a considerable amount more.

Kristina Wieghmink Ottawa County’s public health information officer.

“As of December 18, through today, we have given 6,683 vaccines,” Wieghmink said. “This is far less than where we would like to be at this point.”

And compare that with the nearly 21k cases of COVID-19 that Ottawa is currently reporting…however, Wieghmink says, there is cause for hope…

The state is going to start a new allocation next week, and it’s going to be based on population, so we are really hopeful we can get more,” Wieghmink said. “We have almost 300,000 people in Ottawa County, and around 45,000 people ages 65 and older.”  

However currently, with 45,000 people in Ottawa County over the age of 65, the 975 first shot doses a week the county is getting, is simply not going to cut it, not if the county wants to end the pandemic anytime soon.