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Louisville, KY detectives involved in Breonna Taylor's death have been fired

Louisville Police Det. Joshua Jaynes, left, and Police Det. Myles Cosgrove photos
Louisville Police
Associated Press

Two detectives involved in Breonna Taylor’s death have been fired from the Louisville Kentucky police force. Taylor was a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan – where local groups protested this summer, demanding “justice.”

Detective Joshua Jaynes, who secured the warrant for the March 13 raid on Breonna Taylor's home, and Detective Myles Cosgrove, who investigators say fired the shot that killed the 26-year-old, were dismissed from the force on Tuesday. Termination letters said Cosgrove and Jaynes, each violated department policy…Jaynes in connection with the preparation of the search warrant and truthfulness, and Cosgrove with the use of deadly force and failing to operate his officer-worn body camera. LMPD also found that Cosgrove fired 16 shots into Taylor's apartment, striking her twice.

Each individual has 10 days to appeal the department's decision.

Trev Gibson, Vice President for Family Over Everything, a group which organized protests for Taylor, a Grand Rapids native, over the summer said this is a moment that hits the local community.

“Beautiful girl had such a future ahead of her that was taken by the system and throughout this getting to meet people who knew Breonna personally and just getting to hear stories, I think it has become a lot more personal for me and the fight is strong,” Gibson said.

When asked if this was a win for the organization, Gibson said the situation “adds light” but they are not satisfied.

“I could say it gives us a little bit of encouragement, maybe somebody is hearing our voices and our cries and the people’s cries, but I feel like for that case for me to feel completely accomplished I need them to both be held accountable in a court of law,” they said.