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Libertas Christian only school not following the rules, says Ottawa County

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A fight between a private West Michigan school and The Ottawa County Health Department continues, as health officials say it will begin fining parents who refuse to send their kids to class without a mask. Libertas Christian School in West Michigan had been given until Friday to come into compliance with state and local health department requirements, or the Ottawa County Health Department says it would shut the school down again.

The Ottawa County based K-12 private school had been closed for three weeks already; after officials say the school’s Administration refused to mandate that students to wear masks in the classroom, leaving that decision to the parents.

In a newsletter sen t out to parents via email, school administrator Bob Davis said, “The individual choice for your children to be in masks or not is always at the parent’s discretion/ “We will not discipline, monitor, or shame anyone for wearing or not wearing a mask.”

Libertas Attorney Ian Northon says that the school is being unfairly targeted by the Ottawa County Health Department.

“It’s shameful and cowardly, they are pushing some agenda here that we don’t know about, but it is an abuse of power,” Northon said.

Ottawa County Public Health Information Officer Kristina Weighmink says, that is not true.

“Libertas School has been treated in a manner consistent with all other schools and employers throughout Ottawa County,” Weighmink said. “When our department receives complaints of violations to public health laws, we follow up with clear guidance on the requirements and assist schools in ensuring their actions are compliant and consistent with all health protection measures. Libertas School has been the only Ottawa County school that has not corrected non-compliance after receiving communication from our department.”

The Ottawa County Health Department says it may begin fining parents up to $250 a day for sending their children to school without a mask, as well as shutting down the school entirely once again. Libertas re-opened its doors on Monday, after being shut down for the past three weeks.

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