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MI SOS: Have 'faith' in the electoral process, even if it takes time

Voter Booths Photo
Wikimedia Commons

Michigan’s leaders are urging calm and faith in the electoral process. Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson held a news conference Wednesday with that goal in mind. She made a point of explaining how absentee ballots get tabulated 

“Every absentee ballot, once validated is is counted by a pair of election workers, one from each major political party who are trained to count together without political bias," Benson said. "

"And then even after the counting is done, which could take until Friday in some jurisdictions, boards at the county and state levels that are comprised also of people from both parties will review the procedures evaluate the counts of the entire election, prior to the results being certified as official.”

Benson says three-point-two-five million absentee ballots have been requested… with more than two-point-four million returned so far. Benson says she expects there to be record voter participation in Michigan this year.

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