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Feds, state charge group planned to kidnap, put Whitmer on trial

State and federal authorities have charged a group of suspected terrorists with a plot that included kidnapping Governor Gretchen Whitmer and storming the state Capitol.

The Michigan State Police and the FBI say the plotters also staked out Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s vacation home and planned to kidnap her, bring her to a remote location, and charge put her on trial for “treason.”
                US Attorney Matthew Schneider said this appeared to be a militia operation with the goal of toppling Michigan’s government, and attracting anti-government supporters.

“All of us in Michigan can disagree about politics, but those disagreements should never, ever amount to violence.”

Authorities say they first became aware of the plot from posts on social media.
                The charges also include targeting law enforcement officers, and trying to track down home addresses.