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Whitmer: More actions coming to restore COVID protections

picture of Gov. Whitmer


Governor Gretchen Whitmer says the state Department of Health and Human Services will start issuing more COVID-19-related emergency orders. That’s after the Michigan Supreme Court said she’s stretched the limits of her emergency powers.

The department’s leadership reports to the governor, but the director has his own limited emergency powers to deal with a health crisis. And emergency orders have been issued dealing with COVID in schools, residential care, and juvenile justice facilities. The governor says more orders are on the way.
                Whitmer also took aim at the Legislature and, specifically, Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey’s opposition to mask mandates, which she says shows “a disdain for science.”

“Well I think it is concerning that the top Republican in Michigan government is an anti-masker and doesn’t want to encourage and require everyone across the state to mask up.”

Shirkey’s spokesperson called the governor’s comments – quote – “not productive.” The Senate returns to the Capitol Thursday.