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Degage' Ministries' Fundraising Campaign Aims To Expand Services For The Homeless

Degage Ministries
Dégagé Ministries

Faith-based homeless support agency, Degage’ Ministries recently held a capital campaign launch.  It was on the grounds of their expanded property at Sheldon and Cherry streets in downtown Grand Rapids.  WGVU talked with Degage leaders about the campaign.

“It is a huge milestone in the life and ministry of Degage, and we are excited to be expanding and being able to meet the needs of more people in a more dignified way.”

That’s Marge Palmerlee, Executive Director of Degage Ministries.  On September 2nd she says they launched their 1.3 million-dollar public fundraising effort. It’s part of an overall 6.7 million-dollar campaign to expand its facilities.

“And it means never having to say we’re full for the women in need in our community and have an expanded dining room and a new respite center, so we are just excited about the expansion of services.”

Palmerlee also says their efforts will also help close the gap that many who are homeless face when trying to get back on their feet.

“We’re looking to meet those needs where there is a gap in services. Same way with our workforce development center, we’re going to have classes on how to be a good tenant, financial management, computer skills, interviewing skills preparing people to make that step into the workforce with those tools that are so vital.”

Looking at the bigger picture… Palmerlee says this fundraising campaign is critical.

“The impact is in the people’s lives that we serve. We’re preparing for a Tsunami, we continue to see people on the verge of getting evicted, many have lost their job and those numbers are only going to increase, so this campaign is critical in allow us to step into that role in helping people in the most challenging time of their life.”

Palmerlee says they’re hope is for the public to come alongside them in this effort.  She says you can go to Degage ministries.org for more information. Or you can make a donation.