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Linc Up calls for the re-allocation of $9.5 million from GRPD towards community


Grand Rapids non-profit organization calls for the re-allocation of $9.5 million dollars from the Grand Rapids Police Department and towards community improvements. 

It all came down to the events of a few weekends ago for organization representatives at Linc Up, when the Grand Rapids Police Department displayed use of force against the family and friends of Breonna Taylor who were participating in a barbeque and a car parade. According to a press release from GRPD, five participants of the parade were arrested because they were blocking traffic on Division Avenue and Fulton Street. 

“As they were participating in the car parade and the community gathered, they were met by police that several of the family members have released but you’ll be able to see – they were met with force and they were met with pushing and shoving and those types of things.”

That’s Vincent Thurman, communications manager at Linc Up. C UP. Thurman says in light of what happened they are advocating for the city of Grand Rapids to expand funding for the Office of Accountability and Oversight to national standards of 3% of the police budget and to reduce GRPD’s budget to 32% of the General Fund Operating Budget.

“Advocating for structural change to the police department has been delayed, much of that has been, for a lack of a better term, a lot of lip service, a lot of community meetings after community meetings despite having the information that’s necessary for change.” 

Currently city commissioners are waiting to hear a second legal opinion on the issue of city commissioners raising a budget amendment. As of last Grand Rapids City Commissioners, less than half a million dollars have been cut from the GRPD budget.