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Nessel sues US Dept of Ed over CARES funding for schools


Michigan and five other states are challenging how the U-S Department of Education is allocating COVID-19 relief money to public and private schools. The states have filed a lawsuit that names the department and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos as defendants.

The lawsuit says the distribution of funds ignores the specific language of the federal CARES Act.

       Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel says, instead, DeVos and the education department have put their own spin on the law…

       “…to tip the scale in favor of private schools at the expense of public schools.”


       Nessel says that’s an unfair split because many of the private schools are located in affluent areas. She says that’s cost schools in poorer communities many (m) millions of dollars in COVID-19 assistance.

       The Great Lakes Education Project supports the DeVos rule. The organization says COVID-19 has affected private schools as well as public schools.