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WMCAT CEO is appointed to GRCC Board of Trustees

Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams is the president and CEO of the West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology, a Grand Rapids’ nonprofit education and training organization. Williams was one of 11 applicants replacing the seat held by the late Deb Bailey.

Before heading WMCAT, Williams was the principal at University Preparatory Academy, a Center of Innovation school within Grand Rapids Public Schools.

“I felt compelled to apply for the position and because to support her and her legacy was really a humbling gift. The idea of even being able to follow her was such a big deal to me. “

Bailey passed away in April from cancer. She was appointed in 2013 as a trustee and elected in 2014. Williams hopes to continue her legacy by fighting to ensure everyone has access to higher education.

“We have to start challenging  whatever this idea of the traditional student and that people are coming to the college from all different spaces, different times in their life, maybe its retraining, maybe its going to school for the first time, maybe it’s a trade.” 

The Grand Rapids Community College Trustee seat expires at the end of this year. Williams hopes to return.