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Senate adopts bill to improve police training


The Michigan Senate has adopted a bill to require training for all law enforcement officers in recognizing bias and de-escalating conflicts.

The bill moved unusually fast from a Senate committee to a floor vote as protests continue across the state against police brutality. The training and continuing education for officers would have to include developing skills to recognize bias and de-escalate conflicts.

State Senator Erica Geiss said the protests show there’s an urgent need to move policing into a new era…   

“… that truly bends the arc towards equity, equality, liberty, and justice for all.”

The bill was adopted on a bipartisan 38-to-zero vote. It now goes to the state House. Governor Gretchen Whitmer has expressed her support. But law enforcement groups say what’s still missing is training standards, and a guarantee the state will back up the requirement with funding.

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