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Shaping Narratives is an initiative to build capacity in communities of color by providing leaders with training in decolonizing narratives, media and production skills and community organizing as a distribution strategy. Each participant developed a show, a local affinity group and a social media following to address issues they are passionate about. Content is being used to spark change based conversations. The shows include, Ngiiwe, Color Out Here, Meeting God, The Black Honest Truth and Cultural Ingredients:

Why taking children outdoors during COVID-19 can make a difference

C.J Goulding

CJ Goulding is a facilitator, writer, photographer, and has a passion for sharing and amplifying stories. In his role with organizations Children in Nature Networks and Freshtracks he trains, mentors and supports a national network of over 330 leaders who are creating equitable access to nature in their communities. 

“Times like these highlight the importance and balance in representing urban farmers and people who are doing work with kids in cities about connecting with their local parks and balancing that representation of what it means to connect outdoors so its not just some random expedition but that its exploring and connecting to nature close to home has its own representation as well.”

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