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Travel Expert: The New Look Of Travel

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Covid-19 hit the travel industry hard.  And now, as many states start to loosen restrictions… leisure travel may soon resume. 

A local travel expert advises if you plan on traveling, be flexible and patient.

“The new normal is that there are changes happening almost every day in the travel industry. New rules, new regulations, new ways of traveling.”

With that in mind, travel expert, Jo Anne Verboom with Gagnon Travel, says you need to be prepared if you’re planning on traveling now that many states are loosening restrictions and stay at home orders start to lessen.  For starters, you’ll likely need to wear a face mask at the airport and on your flight.  She says there will also be social distancing, similar to what you experience in the grocery store.  And that’s not all.

“Many airports will check for fevers, TSA will have plexiglass shields up.  When you’re on the aircraft, most aren’t offering any coffee, soda or snacks. You’re advised to bring your own items with you.”

Verboom says to keep in mind that flight selection is also limited.  She says more than 77 percent of flights have been canceled, which means fewer flights and possibly more crowded planes, even though airlines are trying to leave the middle seats vacant.  But she says some airlines will try to accommodate if you’re uncomfortable.

“If they’re at the gate, ready to board and they fell that the flight is too full for them to feel safe, they can change, but remember there aren’t many f lights or you to choose from.”

And finally, even with many restrictions being lifted in some states. Verboom says whether flying or driving, you should double check the location you’re traveling to.  There may still be some that have quarantine restrictions in place.  She says it’s best to know, before you go.