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Enjoying the outdoors while abiding by social distancing guidelines

Mary Ann Thomas

Mary Ann Thomas, otherwise known as Mat, is a brown, queer daughter of Indian immigrants, a nurse, writer, and outdoor enthusiast. Mat has bicycled over 10,000 miles across the U.S., Canada and India and currently works as a health care provider in Anchorage, Alaska.  They are joining us today to talk about how getting outside can be a remedy for alleviating more than just boredom. Do you have any tips on how to practice social distancing while enjoying the outdoors?

First of all, as I am sure has heard a million times…wearing a mask, going alone if folks are living in places where hiking alone is safe, you can also go outside in the early mornings or the later times or figuring out what days of the week fewer people are around.  

I know a lot of people are growing things these days and I have felt like just being able to have substance of earth and life when I wake up in the morning …to smell soil has been really powerful. Those are ways that you can try to minimize exposure.

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