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Whitmer says “angry rhetoric” threatens public health and safety


Governor Gretchen Whitmer says she has health and safety concerns about future protests at the state Capitol.

The next known demonstration is supposed to happen Thursday.

Whitmer says she hopes threatening gestures and rhetoric don’t turn to actual violence. Whitmer says she found the images of nooses, people carrying firearms into the Capitol, and yelling very disturbing.

Whitmer says she’s also afraid demonstrators will ignore orders on distancing rules and face coverings. She says that could cause a spike in infections that would require a return to tighter restrictions.

"Because that’s supposedly what they’re protesting and the fact that these actions might prolong the need for it, I think would be a sad irony.”

Whitmer also supports a ban on carrying firearms into the Capitol, but does not have the support of the Legislature’s Republican leaders.


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