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Kent County Health Department COVID-19 testing first responders

Ambulance photo

In recent weeks, the Kent County Health Department has increased COVID-19 testing of the most vulnerable and high-risk population. Testing is now being offered to the county’s first responders.

“We’ve been working with police chiefs, fire chiefs and other leaders in the first response community to make sure they have access to testing.”

That’s Dr. Adam London, Director of the Kent County Health Department.

“That’s very important in protecting our frontline workers so they have the confidence to do their jobs. They know that they can get testing if they need it. If they think they’ve had an exposure. And that helps us to identify cases before they spread and before they infect their coworkers so that we can slowdown the transmission of the spread of this virus as much as possible.”

Dr. London explains protecting first responders is critical in the midst of a pandemic.

I’m Patrick Center.