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Coronavirus and Physical Therapy: Healing from Home During COVID-19 Pandemic

Terence Reuben - Director of Outpatient Services at Mary FreeBed
Terence Reuben

Today we’re joined by Terence Reuben Director of Outpatient services at Mary Free Bed Rehab Facility, Executive Director of My Team Triumph Michigan Chapter and Founder of PT Sports Pro a 15-year legacy of 1-on-1 personal training service for athletes. Terrance, thank you very much for joining us. What are 3 tips or resources that injured people can access in this time to aid in their healing process. 

So purely from an injury standpoint, don’t do too much, too fast, too soon. Number two, watch whatever your doctor has prescribed you in terms of activity levels to a certain point, or medications. And number three, be very judicious about the information that you’re downloading so that you can do the best that you can for your injury as it applies to you and your body. 

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