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U.S. Rep. Justin Amash says he wouldn't run if he didn't think he could win

Justin Amash U.S. House of Representatives photo

U.S. Rep. Justin Amash says he’s jumping into the 2020 presidential election seeking the Libertarian Party nomination. The Cascade Township Independent representing Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District left the Republican party on the 4th of July last year. He began focusing on a presidential run in February and tells WGVU why he thinks he can win as a third-party candidate.

“I wouldn’t run if I didn’t think I could win and I believe I can win. I’m very confident about that.”

Independent U.S. Representative Justin Amash has launched his Presidential campaign as the disrupter of the two-party system. He admits the Republican and Democratic candidates can count on a significant share of the vote, but when you consider party loyalty, Amash explains there aren’t as many voters as you might expect closely tied to the two-party system.

“I think the largest segment of the population are people who are unaffiliated. People who are independent. People who might vote Republican or Democrat in any year, of course, but who don’t feel that strongly about the two parties and certainly don’t feel very strongly about Donald Trump or Joe Biden.”

How will Amash position himself?

“I believe I can bring honesty, practicality and capability to this race in a way that contrasts with these two other candidates and will force people to reflect on our system as the months go on. People will be forced to think about which of these candidates is actually the most capable? The one we would want to be President of the United States? And which one has the right tone and which one has the right approach to policy? And I believe I can win that race over the course of several months.”

In the midst of a national health crisis dominating the headlines, Amash admits his name recognition is low, but at a time when Americans are homebound and campaign rallies are put on hold, he’s taking advantage of national interviews and social media exposure with the message he can restore a democratic, representative system of government.

I’m Patrick Center.