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Health Experts Offer Coronavirus Cleaning Reminders

person washing hands

Most folks get the expert recommended handwashing tips and hygiene practices to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. But what do you do when it comes to things you bring inside your home, like groceries and mail?

Health experts offer a reminder of some basic cleaning tips.

“So, I think that the best approach is just to be conservative.  I mean, you can never really do too much cleaning, you can never be too aware of the things that you bring in your house that could bring the virus into your home.”

That’s Brendan Earl and he’s the Supervising Sanitarian with the Kent County Health Department.  He says during this age of the coronavirus pandemic, there’s no need to be paranoid about cleaning, but you should be proactive. And follow basic health guidelines.  Like when you go to the grocery store.

“So, the first thing you want to do is make sure you’re wearing a mask, number two, is make sure you’re practicing social distancing and make sure that when your grocery shopping, and your touching things, make sure you don’t touch your face.  When you come back make sure you wash your hands.”

Experts say coronavirus is generally spread person to person through respiratory droplets.  But per the CDC, evidence shows coronavirus live on a variety of surfaces [such as cardboard, plastic and stainless steel] for hours or even days.   With that in mind, Early says items brought in to your home, should be wiped down.

“And then when you bring your groceries in, you can use Clorox or alcohol wipes; wipe down and disinfect the packages that you can and let them air dry.”

Earl says for produce be sure to rinse thoroughly or clean with a produce brush but do not use your cleaning supplies on those items.  Earl also warns, we should not forget about mail and packages that come into the home. [they should also be wiped down as well as any counter you set it on.]

“If you take a package in, you should wipe down that box and if you put it on the counter, you should wipe that as well.”

For more cleaning tips and info about coronavirus, you can go to:

Website at www.accesskent.com and specifically at accesskent.com/health/coronavirus