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Kirkhof College Of Nursing To Honor Nurses & You Can Help

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Nursing has long been a trusted profession… and now with COVID 19, they’ve been thrust into the spotlight like never before.  As we approach and get ready to celebrate National Nurses Week, (May 6-12), the GVSU Kirkhof College of Nursing is inviting the public to share a message of “thanks”.

“We have an abundance of gratitude, and appreciation for what they bring. That which is unique to the discipline of nursing. It is what’s needed at the point of care and I know that’s what they’re doing during this pandemic.”

That’s Cynthia McCurren, Dean of the Grand Valley State University Kirkhof College of Nursing or KCON.  She says her appreciation for all nurses runs deep. She’s been in the nursing profession for 40 years.  No doubt COVID-19 has put the spotlight on our frontline workers… and deservedly so. With National Nurses Week on the horizon, McCurren wants to pay tribute to those on the frontline as well as any aligned with the nursing profession-

“We know and we hear about those in the critical care areas but there are nurses doing very significant work, providing comfort and presence and wisdom and knowledge, in health departments, in senior areas, long term health areas, home health, they are just about anywhere you can imagine making a difference.”

And now McCurren wants to make a difference in the nurse’s lives.

“The idea we had is that was to have an overwhelming outpouring of appreciation in a visible and tangible way.”

And that’s where you come in. if you want to show your appreciation and offer a message of support, KCON has created electronic thank you cards for you to send.  Just go to KCON’s website at gvsu.edu/KCON.  Instructions are provided.