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Primary care doctor: 'I don't have the option to stay home'


Breanna O’Keefe is a primary care doctor in Lansing.  In recent days she’s been overwhelmed by patients seeking medical attention.

“Really it kind of overloads both myself and my staff not just with phone calls but also trying to see patients and assess are these high risk patients and what is the likelihood that they have COVID19 versus strep throat,  flu or just another respiratory infections those types of things.”

She says if she were to get sick she wouldn’t receive sick time. Instead she would have to use her vacation time or unpaid family medical leave.

“I don’t have the option to work from home and protect myself and I am working in a field where there’s a very high likelihood that I am going to come in contact with this infection which could make my family ill and make it so that I don’t have an income.” 

To help support first responders like her, she asks people to abide by social distancing and stay home. 

“Even if you feel good, stay home because you could be one of those asymptomatic carriers. If you don’t feel well, first and foremost don’t rush to urgent care, don’t rush to the E.R., don’t rush to your primary care doctor, please pick up the phone and call.”

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