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Michigan Disability Rights Coalition holds forum for Latinx commmunity


 Over 45% of adults with disabilities report their health as fair or poor, compared to 8% of their non-disabled counterparts according to datafrom the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and Reyna Garcia who has been a longtime advocate for people with disabilities says this is because it’s not always easy to navigate resources when you have a disability. 

“Sometimes we think that language is a barrier for Spanish speakers’ but that’s not really the issue. I have encountered people who are Latino and Bilingual and know how to speak English well and even then, they have a hard time navigating and finding services. It’s very hard.”

Garcia has lived with a physical disability for most of her life. After being infected with the polio virus, she lost mobility on her left leg.  Just to be able to move around without any issues she needs a special orthopedic shoe but because she doesn’t have insurance, she has had a hard time accessing the right services. 

“I needed an orthopedic shoe, but it took me several years to receive a referral to Mary Free Bed, but it really was up to me to get this referral and receive these services.”

And Garcia says that many people with disabilities in the Latinx community don’t even know where to begin when it comes to accessing services. She hopes the forum held on Saturday at the Cook Library Center will help guide and connect people with disabilities. The event will be held from 10am to 12pm.

Michelle Jokisch Polo, WGVU News.