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School News Network: North Godwin Elementary persuasive letter

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An assignment to write persuasive letters led to some cool connections for fourth-graders, including a response from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer about the environment.

When Aime Fonseca, a fourth grader at North Godwin Elementary, returned to school after winter break, she was both surprised and excited to receive a piece of mail addressed to her at school. The sender? Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Aime had written to the Governor as part of an assignment from her teacher, Kelly Compher. Compher asked her students to write a persuasive letter on a topic they felt strongly about, and Aime, who has a passion for the environment, asked the governor to make recycling accessible and free for everyone.

Originally, Compher said, this was strictly meant to be a writing exercise. But when a student asked if they could send the letters, the fourth grade teachers agreed. Students chose recipients ranging from parents to teachers to the district superintendent, who was not persuaded to make the school start time later, but who came and had lunch with the student who wrote to him nevertheless.

For Aime, this is a letter she won’t soon forget. She plans to write more persuasive letters to encourage political leaders to take care of the environment, particularly lakes and streams, and to encourage them to make recycling widely available.

Compher said Aime was so incredibly proud and students in her class were very excited for her. In the future, Compher said, she will continue to mail the letters.

For School News Network, I’m Bridie Bereza