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Number of flu cases in West Michgan is Increasing


According to the Michigan Department of Human Services over 30 children in the nation have died from the flu this season. Two deaths have been confirmed in West Michigan as well. The Flu can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death.

Dr. Dan Mcgee is a pediatric hospitalist at the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids. He says, The numbers are alarming….. “We are starting to see an uptick in Influenza, specifically Influenza type B this is being overshadowed by another virus called RSV but we are starting to see an increase in the flu.”

And thats not all…...Respiratory Illnesses are increasing as well. “The Biggest Respiratory Illness we are seeing right now is not influenza but a virus called Respiratory syncytial virus it affects mostly young children under the age of 6 months predominantly, and there is no vaccine for it.

“ So what can we do to stay healthy? “The best way to keep any child healthy from any of the Respiratory illnesses out there, is to avoid people that are sick and to not let sick people around your child. I always tell people don’t let anyone kiss your baby in the grocery store because you don’t know what germs they are carrying, the other thing you can practice is good hand washing for both you and your child. And finally, it is not too late to get the influenza vaccine (Flu Shot).”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourages all to receive a seasonal influenza vaccine, as the season is set to last for several more weeks.

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