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Holland Museum celebrates diversity at upcoming MLK Exhibit

Photo of Martin Luther King Jr.
wikimedia commons

“We are a community that has a lot of diversity and it’s one of the best kept secrets I think for Holland.”

The Holland Museum’s Executive Director, Ricki Levine.  She says it’s important to celebrate Holland’s diversity and the museum will do so in part by looking back at the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

“In fact, we just did a strategic plan last year, to celebrate our diversity.  So, this is just one of the many ways we’re trying to do that.  To make it available to the entire community. To come in, to learn about the civil rights movement.  To celebrate Dr. King’s life and legacy.”

Levine says it’s a multi-faceted approach that incorporates interactive exhibits, and actually, a lot of what they already do at the museum, like the Spark!lab Smithsonian exhibit, which is there year round.

“And the idea of that is, any child that walks into that space, whether they be a little girl or a person of color, or somebody with a disability, they can see that they too can be an inventor, a scientist or an engineer. And so, we try to celebrate that all year long, but with specific emphasis on MLK Day as well.”

There is of course an exhibit of Dr. King as well as a video experience offering King’s most famed speeches.  There’s also a scavenger hunt, locating items used in civil rights.

Levine says it’s the second year for this event which is being held on January 20th at the Holland Museum, from 11 to 4 pm, it’s free for children and adults.  An opportunity she says, to recognize the importance of King, his work and the history. 

“Like any kinds of history, it’s important to read it and understand and know so that the negative things don’t get repeated and the positive things keep getting stronger.”

More adult driven is the Jim Crow exhibit which is there until mid-February, which guests can view as well.  

If you need more information, you can call the museum at 616-796-3329.

Jennifer Moss, WGVU News.

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